Sunday, November 1, 2009

[2009.11.01] I spent a Week in PRISM

I had heard of Prism a while ago but never really investigated. When I did take a look at it about a month ago, in all honesty I felt overwhelmed. However, recently I had two interesting conversations and that prompted me to sit down and really get into Prism. I am glad I did as I have learned so much and it has shown me how much more I need to learn as well.

I suppose I am more of a code monkey rather than an architect or a designer. That will change from now on. There is no point in me banging out code when I am only aware of part of the system I am writing for. Going through the Prism docs touches on a lot of concepts that I was not familiar with in the first place. All in all, I know I can't get it all in one reading of the doc, but it's a start. I am much more comfortable with terms like Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection, Delegate Commands (well I got this from learning about Model-View-ViewModel), Event Aggregator, Modules, Bootstrapper, and some Design Patterns. Thus far, all I have done is the basic Hello World in Prism but I hope to do more in the near future. I would like to reference some additional resources that in my opinion, will supplement learning not just Prism, but design and architecture in general.

Prism Related

Supplemental Information

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